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  NOUN & ITS TYPES WITH EXAMPLES  Noun A noun is a word used to refer to people, animals, objects, substances, states, events, ideas and feelings. A noun functions as a subject or object of a verb and can be modified by an adjective. Examples -  John, lion, table, freedom, love I live in United States of America. Emma is my sister. I love to play with my cat.   Different types of Nouns There are different types of nouns: Abstract Noun  - An Abstract Noun names an idea, event, quality, or concept (freedom, love, courage etc) Concrete nouns name something recognizable through the sense (table, dog, house etc) Examples – Love-Love is a wonderful thing! Peace-Let there be peace on Fear-I was full of fear. Compound Noun –  A Compound nouns refer to two or more nouns combined to form a single noun (sister-in-law, schoolboy, fruit juice) Examples – Get your  hair-cut  today, please. Emma is my  girl-friend . The  Police-man  rushed to the scene of the crime. Collective Noun -  A collec

FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship 2024-2025 | Fully Funded

FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship 2024-2025:

Host Country:

  • Hungary

Host Universities:

  • Sopron University, Sopron
  • Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Szent István Campus, Gödöllő
  • Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Buda Campus, Budapest

Degree Level:

  • Master’s Degree Program

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Benefits of Criteria of FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship:

  • During the entire study period, the application and tuition fees are covered, along with essential books and notes.
  • Accommodation allowance will be provided.
  • Subsistence costs will be covered.
  • Health insurance will be given.

List of Eligible Countries & Territories for FAO Scholarship 2024-25:

Individuals from the following can apply for this fully-funded international scholarship program in Hungary.

Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Chad, Congo, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gambia, Georgia, Ghana, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kosovo1, Kyrgyzstan, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Lebanon, North Macedonia, Madagascar, Mali, Myanmar, Republic of Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Namibia, Nigeria, State of Palestine, the Philippines, Cabo Verde, Serbia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Viet Nam, Yemen.

Eligibility Criteria of FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship 2024-25:

  • Everyone from the eligible listed countries can apply.
  • The age should be under 30 years.
  • English language proficiency is required.
  • Candidates should have good health.
  • Candidates should be motivated to pursue the program under the scholarship.
  • Excellent school achievement is required.

How to Apply for the Hungarian Government Scholarship 2023-24?

  • Students have to apply through the application form.
  • Ensure to provide the supporting documents, mentioned in the application form.
  • Complete your application form carefully and submit it.
  • A complete application form, duly signed by the applicant, with supporting documents, should be emailed to
  • FAO will pre-screen the applicants and send the applications to the Ministry of Agriculture Hungary.
  • The Ministry of Agriculture will send the applications to the university.
  • The university will be giving the oral or written examination of the selected ones.

Selection Criteria for the FAO Hungary Government Scholarship:

  • Excellent academic record.
  • Proficiency in the English language.
  • Good physical and mental health.

Documents required for the FAO Hungary Scholarship 2024-25:

  • Complete the application form.
  • High school/ college diploma and transcript.
  • Language proficiency certificate.
  • Letter of recommendation from workplace or school.
  • Statement of purpose.
  • Health certificate by a medical doctor.
  • Certificate of good conduct by the local police authority.

FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship Deadline:

  • The application deadline is 29 February 2023.



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