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Bristol Myers Squibb Scholarship 2023 in UK | Fully Funded | OYW Summit

Bristol Myers Squibb Scholarship, 2023 in the UK, intends to identify and empower young potential leaders who are actively contributing to providing medical facilities to vulnerable communities and transforming their lives through modern science. This fully-funded scholarship will allow you to attend the One Young World Summit in Belfast, UK, from October 02, 2023, to October 05, 2023. Moreover, the hotel accommodation will facilitate your stay in Europe throughout the required tenure. The traveling expenses and the three meals-a-day facilities will encourage you to come and attend the program by paying zero cost. OYW Summit in Uk is surrounded by the objective of believing that prescription medicines are a significant component of human healthcare and requires everyone to get timely access. It intends to help patients overcome serious diseases with the proper accessibility of effective medicines. Bristol Myers Squibb has been committed to demonstrating strong leadership in the healthc

Pakistan's Agricultural Decline Causes In Details | CSS EXAMS 2023

Having the largest irrigation system in the world, the land of sub-continent served as the main food supply basket for the British power more than a century, but now Pakistan has to import food commodities. Discuss in details causes of this agricultural decline. 

Understanding the Agricultural Decline in Pakistan

Pakistan, once known as the breadbasket of the British Empire, now has to import food commodities to meet the demands of its growing population. The country boasts one of the largest irrigation systems in the world, yet its agricultural sector has been declining in recent decades. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind this agricultural decline in Pakistan.

Lack of Investment in the Agricultural Sector

One of the primary reasons behind the agricultural decline in Pakistan is the lack of investment in the sector. The government has not allocated sufficient funds to modernize the country's infrastructure and improve the standard of living for farmers. This lack of investment has resulted in outdated equipment, limited access to modern technology, and inadequate storage facilities. As a result, farmers are unable to maximize their crop yields and are unable to compete with international markets.

Inefficient Use of Water Resources

Another factor contributing to the agricultural decline in Pakistan is the inefficient use of water resources. The country's irrigation system is vast and covers approximately 80% of the cultivated land, yet it is not managed effectively. Inefficient irrigation methods result in water loss, low crop yields, and soil degradation. Additionally, the lack of proper water management has led to over-extraction of groundwater, leading to a decline in the water table and decreased availability of water for agriculture.

Pest and Disease Outbreaks

Pest and disease outbreaks are also a major challenge for the agricultural sector in Pakistan. The country has a warm and humid climate, making it ideal for the growth of pests and diseases. In addition, the lack of proper storage facilities and inadequate pest control measures have resulted in significant crop losses. This has led to decreased crop yields, reduced income for farmers, and an increase in food prices for consumers.

Soil Degradation and Land Management Issues

Soil degradation and land management issues are also a major contributor to the agricultural decline in Pakistan. The country's soil has been depleted of its nutrients due to over-cultivation and the use of harmful chemicals. In addition, land degradation has also been caused by erosion, deforestation, and the conversion of fertile land for urban development. This has led to decreased crop yields and reduced soil fertility, making it difficult for farmers to grow crops and earn a livelihood.

Climate Change Impacts

Climate change is also affecting the agricultural sector in Pakistan. The country is experiencing increasingly frequent and intense heat waves, droughts, and floods, which are negatively impacting crop yields and soil fertility. In addition, changing weather patterns and increased temperature variability are also contributing to the spread of pests and diseases. As a result, farmers are facing challenges in growing crops and are experiencing reduced income and food insecurity.


In conclusion, the agricultural decline in Pakistan is a complex issue that is influenced by a range of factors, including lack of investment, inefficient use of water resources, pest and disease outbreaks, soil degradation and land management issues, and the impacts of climate change. To address this issue, the government and other stakeholders must work together to improve the standard of living for farmers, increase investment in the agricultural sector, and implement effective water and land management practices. With the right policies and support, Pakistan can once again become the breadbasket of the region and ensure food security for its  growing population.


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