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Bristol Myers Squibb Scholarship 2023 in UK | Fully Funded | OYW Summit

Bristol Myers Squibb Scholarship, 2023 in the UK, intends to identify and empower young potential leaders who are actively contributing to providing medical facilities to vulnerable communities and transforming their lives through modern science. This fully-funded scholarship will allow you to attend the One Young World Summit in Belfast, UK, from October 02, 2023, to October 05, 2023. Moreover, the hotel accommodation will facilitate your stay in Europe throughout the required tenure. The traveling expenses and the three meals-a-day facilities will encourage you to come and attend the program by paying zero cost. OYW Summit in Uk is surrounded by the objective of believing that prescription medicines are a significant component of human healthcare and requires everyone to get timely access. It intends to help patients overcome serious diseases with the proper accessibility of effective medicines. Bristol Myers Squibb has been committed to demonstrating strong leadership in the healthc


"A comprehensive collection of general knowledge MCQs on Exams Trick website for test-takers to enhance their knowledge."

1:  According to the sizes of planet, the Earth is the____ largest planet in our solar system.

(a) Third

(b) Fourth

*(c) Fifth*

(d) Sixth


2:  Total Moons/Satelites of our Solar System?

*(a) 214*

(b) 215

(c) 216

(d) None


3:  Which line separates Outer Space and Atmosphere of Earth?

(a) Kyoto Line

*(b) Messof Line*

(c) Karman LiED(100km)

(d) None


4:  Most Abundant element in Earth’s atmosphere?

*(a) N2 (78%)*

(b) O2 (21%)

(c) CO2 (0.04%)

(d) None


5: Crust+Upper Mantle is also called?

(a) Hydrosphere

(b) Mesosphere

*(c) Lithosphere*

(d) None


6: Maximum temperature is experienced in which layer?

(a) Crust

*(b) Lower Core*

(c) Lower Mantle

(d) None


7:  Earth is made of how many Rocks?

(a) Igneous (95%)

(b) Sedimentary

(c) Metamorphic (4%)

*(d) All*

8:  Most abundant element in Earth Crust is:

(a) Iron (5%)

*(b) Oxygen (46%)*

(c) Aluminium (8.8%)

(d) Silicon (Earth Maker)(27.7%)

9:  Most abundant Metal in Earth Crust is?

(a) Iron (5%)

(b) Oxygen (46%)

*(c) Aluminium (8.8%)*

(d) Silicon (Earth Maker)(27.7%)


10:  Marble is?

*(a) Metaphoric Rocks (Slate)*

(b) Sedimentary Rocks

(c) Igenous Rocks

(d) None


11:  People living in high altitude usually have?

(a) Smaller number of White blood cells

(b) Larger number of White blood cells

(c) Smaller number of Red blood cells

*(d) Larger number of Red blood cells*


12:  Most abundant Rock on Earth Surface? 

*(a) Sedimentary Rocks (75%)*

(b) Igenious Rocks

(c) Metaphoric Rocks

(d) None


13:  Which Vitamin is known as Ascorbic Acid?

(a) A

(b) B

*(c) C*

(d) D


14:  Which of the following vitamins is synthesized in the body by intestinal bacteria?

(a) Vitamin B

(b) Vitamin B4

(c) Vitamin A

*(d) Vitamin K*


15:  Healing of wounds is hastened by vitamin:

(a) A

*(b) C*

(c) E

(d) K


16:  Lack of vitamin D causes which of the following diseases:

(a) Beri Beri

*(b) Rickets*

(c) Scurvy

(d) Anaemia

17: Various types of cancer are treated by?

*(a) Cobalt-60*

(b) Uranium

(c) Vitamin B

(d) None

18: Deficiency of Vitamin C leads to a disease known as:

*(a) Scurvy*

(b) Infertility

(c) Rickets

(d) Beri beri


19:  Which vitamin is called Folic Acid?

(a)Vitamins B1

(b) Vitamins B12

(c) Vitamins B6

*(d) Vitamins B9*


20:  Which of the following helps in clotting of blood?

(a) Vitamin B1

(b) Vitamin B2

(c) Vitamin D

*(d) Vitamin K*


21:  The vitamin which can be most easily synthesized in human body is?

(a) Vitamin A

(b) Vitamin B

(c) Vitamin C

*(d) Vitamin D*


22:  Muscular and nervous disorders is due to lack of?

(a) Vitamin A

*(b) Vitamin E*

(c) Vitamin C

(d) Vitamin D

23:  Dioptre is a unit of measurement for?

(a) Power

*(b) Lens*

(c) Force

(d) None

24:  Sesimic Graph is used for?

*(a) Earthquake*

(b) Cosmic radiation detection

(c) Pressure measuring tool

(d) None


25:  One who knows everything:

(a) Literate

(b) Scholar

(c) Omnipotent

*(d) Omniscient*




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